Driveway Overlay

Introduction to the Driveway Overlay Process

At Overlay Pros, we specialize in providing high-quality driveway overlay solutions that enhance both the functionality and appearance of your driveway. Our comprehensive process ensures a durable, long-lasting finish that seamlessly integrates with your existing landscape. From initial pressure cleaning to final curing, each step is meticulously executed to guarantee superior results. Below, we outline the key stages of our driveway overlay process to give you a clear understanding of what to expect and how we achieve such exceptional outcomes.

Overlay Pros Driveway Overlay Process

Pressure Clean

All concrete surfaces to be overlaid will undergo our thorough pressure cleaning and scrubbing process.


After pressure cleaning is complete, any previously damaged areas will be repaired before overlaying.

Laying Pavers

The process will begin with the application of DRIBOND, which will be carefully screeded to create a smooth and level surface. Once this is done, the pavers will be laid on top, ensuring a precise and stable installation.

Complete Wash & Sand

The entire installation will be thoroughly washed and sanded to ensure a clean and smooth finish.

DRIBOND Cure Process

Our premium DRIBOND product offers the convenience of a quick 48-hour curing period, after which your driveway will be ready for use. 

Driveway Overlay Road Transitions Before & After

Concrete Curb Before Install

Existing concrete drainage curbing meets with the driveway and will need to taper to the new height for transition.

Concrete Curb After Install

Travertine pavers tapered into concrete drainage curb for a seamless transition after cutting and grinding. 

Asphalt Curb Before Install

Driveway meets at road, asphalt. Pavers are to stop just short and will have a cement transition. 

Asphalt Curb After Install

Pavers meeting at road with cement transition for finish.

Driveway Overlay Garage Transitions

Recessed Lip Into Garage

Thin pavers to rest directly on the lifted recessed garage lip, transition to be as minimal as possible.

View From Inside Garage

Garage floor to paver driveway transition, minimal raise.

Recessed Lip Into Garage

Some driveways (uncommon) have little to no pitch or no gutters to drain running water, in that case a deco drain is cut and installed. 

View From Inside Garage

Removeable grate deco drain prior to reaching garage on travertine install.

No Lip Present With Concrete

Some driveways have no lip and the homeowner prefers no deco drain, cutting and grinding is required.

Concrete Transition

After cutting and grinding is completed, the concrete is lower than the garage floor.

New Driveway Height

New concrete lip transition allows for pavers to butt directly and stop at garage.

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